DOB: 1972 January 10th - Frankfurt a/M, Germany

2000 to 2004: off-site freelance work for clients from Europe, USA and Canada,
mostly Packshots und Visualisations.

2004: Chris Creatures, Berlin; Pitch and Previz for Film Project "Kalif Storch".
Shading/Lighting in Maya, Feathers created with Shave and a Haircut.

2005 Jan - March: Lichthof Kassel. Animation for 2 Hubba Bubba TV Spots (Wrigley's).

2005 May - Jan 2006: Chris Creatures, Berlin. Feature Film "Die Luftbrücke":
Shading/Lighting, Animation. Maya, mental ray. Feature Film "Zwei zum Fressen gern",
modeling supervision, detail sculpting, Shading/Lighting, Animation of a digital
Crokodile, matching in live footage. Maya, ZBrush mental ray

2006 Feb - May Scanline, Munich. Feature Film "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser".
Senior Artist Shading/Lighting: "Castle Neuzahnstein", all Carriages, "Ballroom",
"Office", "Kaisersuite" and diverse Props. Maya, mental ray

2006 April - July: Cartoon Film Berlin, remote. Character modeling for
Christmas-Special-DVD "Lauras Stern" (kids) . Silo, 3ds max

2006 August - December: Pixomondo, remote. Shading/Lighting, Animation,
matchmoving. Porsche and Audi R8 Showroom movies. 3ds max, Digital Fusion

2007 Januar - March: Optix Digital, Hamburg. Animation, Shading/Lighting,
matchmoving for STRABAG TV Spot. Maya, mental ray

2007 April: deli pictures Hamburg. Animation, matchmoving for Audi A5 TV
Spots and Showroom movies. Maya

2007 May - June: fiftyeight, Frankfurt. All Shading/Lighting, Environment
modeling on "Get the Cat", viral movie. Softimage XSI, mental ray

2007 June - 2008 March: das werk, Frankfurt. Diverse TV Spots
(Head & Shoulders, Otriven, Oil Of Olaz....), VFX for
Feature Film "Die Möglichkeit einer Insel" incl. Character Modeling
digital double, matchmoving, shading/lighting. Maya, mental ray.

2008 March - September: EA / phenomic. Character Modeling,
Character Animation for RTS Game "BattleForge"

2008 October / November: das werk Frankfurt, TV "ZDF Weihnachtskampagne",
modeling, animation, shading / lighting

2008 December: Rocket Science Game Development, character modeling

2009 January March: Chris Creatures Berlin, creation of a growing tree
projection for a magician show (The Ehrlich Brothers). Maya, mental ray

2009 April - August: deli pictures Hamburg: work as a generalist on
several TV Ads (Ricola, Maxi Magazine), Softimage, mental ray

2009 August September: fiftyeightFrankfurt: presentation film for "mewa".
Softimage, Nuke

2009 August- October: 3d maximal: work on in house projects including
modeling and animation. Maya, mental ray

2009 November 2010 August: Chris Creatures Berlin, TV Movie "Geister All Incl."
Character Look Development, Shading / Lighting TD, Character Compositing.
Maya, mental ray, Fusion

2010 August - October: Chris Creatures Berlin, UK / German production
mini Series „The Sinking Of The Laconia“ Shading / Lighting TD. Maya,
mental ray, Fusion

2010 November - 2011 December: Double Negative UK
John Carter Lighting TD. Maya, Renderman

2011 December - present: Pixomondo Germany
shading, lookdev, Lighting TD on multiple projects including:
Game Of Thrones Seasons 2-4
The Amazing Spiderman
After Earth
Petterson and Findus
Star Trek Into Darkness
and others.
Maya, Vray, Nuke, Shave & a Haircut

software proficiency:

- Autodesk Maya

- Autodesk Softimage

- ZBrush

- Silo

- Adobe Photoshop

- eyon Fusion

- Nuke and some After Effects